Welcome to RSE Midlands! We are a community of Research Software Engineers (RSEs) within the Midlands in England.

In June 2022 we held our inaugural meeting at the University of Birmingham, with attendees from several cities across the Midlands. This event was organised by a committee of volunteers, and chaired by Gavin Yearwood. This committee is continuing in place and will organise ad hoc online events in 2022. We are in the process of recruiting a new commitee to plan and run our next in person event, RSE Midlands 2023.

Please join our slack channel "#midlands" in the RSE Society's slack workspace and follow us on twitter! We are also planning to hold an informal RSE Midlands get-together at RSECon22, at lunchtime on Wednesday 7 September. To express an interest in this get-together please get in touch via our #midlands slack channel.

The RSE Midlands group